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  • Seagull 4A – A good quality chinese TLR
    Last summer I was lucky enough to bid on a lot of five camera’s in an auction and I won! One of the camera’s turned out to be a fully functional Seagull 4A. It resembles a Rolleiflex with its handy winding lever on the right side and its focussing button on the left side. I never really heard of it so i didn’t expect much. But the shots I created with… Read more: Seagull 4A – A good quality chinese TLR
  • YASHICA A- Solid as a rock
      The Yashica A is one of the finest and most solid basic Japanese Twin Lens Reflex camera’s out there. It was produced around 1958 as a cheaper alternative to the Yashica D. Therefore, it is not as sophisticated as -let’s say- a Rolleicord. But its performance is like the smell of spring! Using it is a very intuitive process. Just set the shutter time, nail the focus, pull the trigger… Read more: YASHICA A- Solid as a rock
  • OLYMPUS PEN EE-2 – Another go at this one
    Another go at the Olympus Pen EE-2 for me. Last summer I tried it after all the reviews I read about this fixed focus Halfframe camera. This camera has plenty of advantages comparing it with other cameras that were produced in the late sixties early seventies. One of the major advances of the camera is the lightmeter that is accurate and doesn’t require any batteries, since it uses a selenium Cell.… Read more: OLYMPUS PEN EE-2 – Another go at this one
  • LUBITEL 2 – Russion Roulette Review
    A weekend of Lubitel 2 fun. This performance of Lubitel always seems to be like a Russian Roulette to me. The image quality of the lens can never be predicted. This time the Lubitel I tested was a good one! The lens is contrasty and sharp and all levers are running smoothly. Very convenient and light weigth camera with good day light shutter options (1/30 – 1/250). I always use it… Read more: LUBITEL 2 – Russion Roulette Review


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I really enjoy playing with old cameras to see what they’re capable of. In this blog is share my experiences. Hopefully this will inspire you to start playing too!