visueel onderzoeker – visual researcher

Last summer I was lucky enough to bid on a lot of five camera’s in an auction and I won! One of the camera’s turned out to be a fully functional Seagull 4A. It resembles a Rolleiflex with its handy winding lever on the right side and its focussing button on the left side. I never really heard of it so i didn’t expect much. But the shots I created with it turned out te be a very few of my favorites this winter. I must say, never underestimate the power of a solid chinese TLR. It may turn out to be a pleasant surprise. Its lens is a 75mm 3.5 HAIOU31 and its shutter times run from B-1/300 with a self-timer included. It has a very bright veiwfinder and the lenses are contrasty and rich and sharp at the same time.

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